Can I Use CBD Oil for Nerve & Neuropathic Pain?

When you have nerve pain, it can be hard to find relief. It’s time to get rid of your nerve pain with CBD Oil! In this article, we will cover the best products for different categories of nerve pain. We’ll also go over how to use them and what they do so that you can start getting relief from your nerves today!

Nerve Pain: Description, Causes, And Symptoms

Nerve pain can be a debilitating condition that interferes with your daily life. Nerves carry signals from the brain to the rest of the body, and they also receive sensory information from all of your senses – this is how you feel things like heat, cold, or pressure on your skin. When these nerves become damaged or irritated, you will experience some form of nerve pain. This may include:

– Trigeminal neuralgia

– Neuropathy

– Sciatica

These three conditions may affect anywhere between one and two million people in America annually. Most cases are mild and go away on their own without treatment after switching up sleeping positions or taking antihistamines. If it gets severe enough, nerve pain may require the attention of a doctor or specialist.

How Do CBD Products Help Neuropathic Pain?

CBD products work with your body’s own endocannabinoid system to promote an increase in the release of our body’s natural endorphins and enkephalins that help regulate pain, mood, and sleep. There are other natural ways to treat neuropathic pain, but CBD products are the safest and best way to get rid of your nerves.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Products?

CBD products can promote a healthy endocannabinoid system that results in less pain, improved sleep and mood, and more. Using CBD also has little to no side effects compared with other medications such as opioids. Other major CBD Benefits include:

  • Stress relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Sleep Quality

So, if you’re looking for natural ways to treat neuropathic pain, CBD products are by far the best option. Let’s go over our list of the best CBD products that can help you get rid of your nerve pain!

CBD Products List For Nerve Pain

CBD Oil (Best Choice)

This product is a great source of natural relief from nerve pain, and it’s also completely non-psychoactive. If you’re looking for long-lasting relief and the best CBD products for your nerves, this is definitely the one to try.

  • Long and lasting relief
  • Great for Neuropathic pain and sciatica
  • All-natural, non-psychoactive, and safe to use
  • Cons:
  • It takes a while to take effect

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CBD Tincture

If you want stronger CBD products that will offer quick and effective relief, we recommend trying our 30mg Cannabis Tinctures. They’re made with full-spectrum hemp oil extracts and come in two delicious flavors: orange creamsicle and lemon twist!

  • Great for relief from sciatica pain
  • Provides quick relief from nerve pain
  • It comes in various flavors to enjoy
  • Stronger taste than other CBD products, although still not very noticeable when mixed into smoothies or juices. Also available in a non-flavored version.

CBD Topicals

This category of CBD products is great if you have more localized types of neuropathic pain, such as pains in your legs caused by peripheral neuropathy. Some topicals even come in a therapeutic healing balm that doubles as a natural muscle rub!

  • Quick and effective relief from muscle cramps and spasms that contribute to nerve pain
  • Provides relief from nerve pain in your legs
  • Available in balm, cream, or spray forms for easy application to problem areas
  • It may take up to half an hour to start working properly. Also may cause skin irritation if not used carefully.
  • May stain fabric.

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Why Is CBD Oil the Best Choice for Nerve Pain Relief?

CBD oil contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids that work with your body’s own endocannabinoid system to promote an increase in the release of our body’s natural endorphins and enkephalins. CBD Oil is also safe, non-addictive, and has little to no side effects! If you’re looking for the best CBD product for nerve pain relief, this should be your first choice.

CBD Topicals are also a great option for localized relief of nerve pain in problem areas such as the legs. Unfortunately, topicals are not as effective as oil or tincture for providing widespread pain relief throughout the entire body, but they do work well with specific types of pain, such as those caused by sciatica and peripheral neuropathy.

If you’re willing to try stronger means of relief than pure CBD Oils and topicals, we’d tried our Cannabis Tinctures. They’re made with full-spectrum hemp oil extracts, and they come in a tasty 30mg per dose. Depending on your pain levels, you may find that these products work better for your nerve pain than pure CBD Oils or topicals.

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What Are the Potential Side Effects of Using CBD Oil for Nerve Pain?

CBD Oil is generally safe to use as a daily supplement, but there are a few unpleasant side effects. Some common CBD Oil side effects include:

  • Irritability
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Reduced appetite and weight loss

All in all,

CBD oil is a popular natural remedy for nerve pain, but it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re interested in trying CBD products like tinctures or oils, we recommend starting with the basics and working your way up. But if you’ve tried everything under the sun without success, there are dozens of other options out there that might work better for you. And don’t forget about our blog posts! We’ve got plenty of helpful articles on how CBD Oil works for nerve pain, as well as information on different types of CBD products, benefits just waiting to help take your life back from chronic neuropathic pain. Let us know what has helped you so far in the comments below!