Blue Dream CBD Cannabis Strain [Full Review]

The iconic Blueberry was crossed with a Sativa-dominant Haze to generate the Blue Dream CBD hybrid. This cross allows a person to have the best of both worlds. Not to mention, because of its pure indica content and high effects that can cater to just about everybody, this strain has been used as one of the most popular strains for many years.

Buddha Seeds developed the Blue Dream in 2003, during the early stages of marijuana legalization. The reason for this strain’s current popularity is because it produces a cerebral high that can make individuals feel uplifted and creative. Individuals suffering from depression, chronic stress, or weariness may benefit from this mental effect.

What Is Blue Dream CBD

Blue Dream CBD is a cannabis strain that might deliver a variety of benefits to its consumers. One of these advantages is its capacity to assist people in boosting their overall mood. As previously said, this strain gives users an elevating mood, which can be useful for people suffering from depression by making them feel more positive about their surroundings.

Those who suffer from chronic stress, exhaustion, or other mental health difficulties may benefit from this strain. Those considering medical marijuana treatment should do their homework on the benefits it can provide for their specific ailments.

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Blueberry and nutty flavors/smells are common in the Blue Dream CBD strain, which can appeal to a wide range of users. If you enjoy fruity strains, then this is the one for you. When you open the jar containing this strain, you’ll notice notes of blueberry. On the other hand, if you like to taste your strains, it has a faint blueberry flavor with a hint of almonds.


This Blue Dream CBD strain has a dark green texture with a fluffy feel to it. Although the buds are dense, you can simply break them apart with your hands. Many orange hairs can be seen throughout the nugs, making them more appealing to some users. For marijuana users who enjoy smoking, this aesthetic is alluring.

Health Effects

Blue Dream CBD contains a wide range of medicinal properties to offer marijuana consumers suffering from a number of ailments. These are some of the effects:


This blueberry strain is a wonderful blend of Sativa and Indica strains, giving consumers an uplifting and soothing experience. Individuals suffering from prolonged stress, worry, or depression may benefit from this sensation.


As previously stated, the Sativa dominant impact of this Blue Dream CBD strain might be good for people who suffer from exhaustion, chronic stress, depression, and other mental health difficulties. Many people have been able to utilize this strain to heal their ailments since it improves their mood throughout the day.

Pain Reduction

By combating emotional and physical ailments, this Blue Dream CBD strain can help people feel better. It can help people feel more energized throughout the day, allowing them to be more productive and focused.

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Potential Side Effects

Blue Dream CBD is a low-THC cannabis strain with no known negative side effects. The following are some of the negative effects:

Mouth Dryness

Dry mouth is a common side effect of this cannabis strain, which can be readily remedied by drinking extra liquids like water or soda.

Eye Dryness

Because this Blue Dream CBD strain might produce a dry mouth, some users may experience dry eyes as well. Eye drops or Visine can be used to relieve these symptoms.


Some Blue Dream CBD users have reported suffering headaches, which are typically caused by using too much marijuana during the day. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, consider smoking an indica-dominant strain to help relax your muscles and relieve headaches.

Grow Information

When it comes to growing this Blue Dream CBD strain, you’ll discover that it’s a breeze. This cultivar generates a good yield and takes about 8-9 weeks to blossom. Growers who have had success with the Blue Dream CBD strain have been able to get an average yield of 500-600 grams per square meter.

Because the yield and effects of this strain can vary depending on its genetics, you’ll need to get seeds from a reliable breeder if you want to cultivate your own Blue Dream CBD. Although it is relatively easy to cultivate, there are a few things to consider before starting your own batch of Blue Dream CBD.

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CBD And THC Contents

If you want to know if the Blue Dream CBD strain is good for you, you should look into its CBD and THC content. The CBD content of this Blue Dream CBD strain normally ranges from 6 to 15%, with 10% being the average. This indicates that this strain contains a significant level of CBD, making it good for patients suffering from chronic pain, depression, and other ailments.

The THC levels in this strain, on the other hand, range from 15 to 22 percent, with 20 percent being the average. Those looking for a more recreational high should look for Blue Dream CBD from strains with greater THC levels. It’s critical to comprehend these contents before purchasing Blue Dream CBD, as they can influence the type of high you experience.

To Sum It Up

The Blue Dream CBD strain is ideal for people looking for a more relaxing high as well as those suffering from chronic pain or sadness. This cannabis strain gives consumers an energizing and uplifting high without causing any major side effects like dry mouth or headaches.

However, before smoking this Blue Dream CBD strain, remember to examine the proper dosage. You can feel worried or paranoid if you take the improper dose, which can be harmful if you’re driving or using heavy machinery. So, before you take any Blue Dream CBD, figure out what dosage you should take depending on your weight and smoking history.

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