Ice Cream Cannabis Kush Strain [Full Review]

Ever since marijuana became legal in Colorado, new strains have been popping up every day. One of the latest ones is a hybrid that combines ice cream and OG Kush.

This strain has a taste that resembles a mixture between fruity pebbles and vanilla ice cream with an earthy undertone from the OG Kush. The effects are introspective and relaxed which makes it perfect for those looking to unwind after work or school.

The THC content of this strain is around 20% and the CBD content is less than 1%.

The high from smoking Ice Cream is a perfect balance between mental relaxation and physical stimulation. It starts with a mellow cerebral buzz that leaves you in a happy, uplifted mood.

This slowly turns into a more pronounced body high which will leave you completely relaxed, however, still fully aware of your surroundings.

Many users also experience an increase in their appetite when smoking the Ice Cream marijuana strain which makes it perfect for treating certain medical conditions such as loss of appetite or nausea.

The high starts in the head and slowly works its way into the body to leave you with a euphoric feeling that doesn’t make you tired or lazy.

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What Is The Ice Cream Kush Strain?

Ice cream is a marijuana strain that gives you the feeling of fullness, increased appetite, and has strong uplifting effects. This cannabis strain is perfect for those who are suffering from anorexia or lack of appetite because it stimulates hunger. Ice Cream Kush brings back your appetite and provides you with mental clarity at the same time.

The Ice Cream Kush Strain looks like green buds covered with crystals that are orange in color, which makes it highly sought after by marijuana users. This marijuana strain has around 18% of THC content, which is high enough for many people to get the desired effects of using marijuana.

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Ice Cream Kush Strain Flavor And Taste

The Ice Cream marijuana strain tastes fruity with a hint of kush. It gives off the same earthy scent that many strains have, making it perfect for smoking or vaporizing because you can still taste the flavor. The Ice Cream Kush Strain has a sweet aftertaste that makes you want more.

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Ice Cream Kush Strain Appearance

The Ice Cream marijuana strain has a green color with orange hairs which makes it easy to identify. It looks like the rest of the kush family because of its dense buds that have a crystal layer on top, giving off a minty scent that will make you sniff it all day.

Ice Cream Kush Strain Smell

The Ice Cream marijuana strain has a strong earthy lemony scent that will make you want to just open the jar and take a whiff for as long as you can. You can also smell hints of kush or pine that make your nose tingle with anticipation for its effects.

OG Kush Ice Cream Marijuana Strain Grow Info

This marijuana strain needs a moderate amount of maintenance because it is not prone to any diseases or infestations. It has a short flowering time of 8 weeks, providing you with quality buds in little time. Ice Cream Kush Strain can grow as tall as 120 cm with a yield of 400g/m².

The Ice Cream Kush Strain can be grown indoors and outdoors. It likes to grow in an environment where the temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius, perfect for those who want a warm climate for their marijuana plants.

This strain is a hybrid, making it very easy to grow, even for beginners. It has average-sized buds that are light green in color and covered in orange hairs.

The leaves of this plant have a bluish tint which contrasts nicely with its bright orange hairs.

Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks

Climate: Indoor preferred but can also do well outdoors.

Yields are quite high. Buds are thick and dense with a sparkling coating of trichomes. This plant is easy to grow even for beginners and has average-sized yields.

THC Content-Highest Test

THC level: 18-21%

CBD Content-Highest Test

CBD level: .02%

Ice Cream Kush Strain Medical Usages

The Ice Cream marijuana strain is perfect for treating nausea and lack of appetite. People who are suffering from anorexia or lack of appetite can benefit from using this cannabis strain because it stimulates hunger and reduces the feeling of nausea. The Ice Cream marijuana strain has a relaxing effect to make you feel happy and giggly.

Ice Cream Kush Strain Side Effects

This marijuana strain can cause dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, paranoia, headache, memory loss, and dizziness. However, not everyone experiences negative side effects when using Ice Cream Kush Strain which means that each person reacts differently depending on the body chemistry.

Final Thoughts On Ice Cream Strain

As far as marijuana strains go, this is one of the most popular strains available. The smell, taste, and high are very unique. This makes it a great strain for marijuana users who are looking to expand their horizons or try something new.

This is without a doubt one of the best strains on the market today because of its effects, smells, tastes, and colors. Its popularity has made it easier to find than some other strains, but there are still only a few select places where it is actually available.

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